Apr 062014

Bees and flower

an den Traubenhyazinthen hat stark zugenommen. (Ineinander kopierte Serienaufnahmen).

at the Muscari did increase a lot. (continuous shooting copied  into each other).


Volle Blüte ... | Full blossom ...
Gottseidank ... | Thankfully ...
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  13 Responses to “Der Luftverkehr … |Air traffic …”

  1. Absolut gelungene Bildmontage !!

  2. Such a clever and creative shot!!!
    The bees are having a blast and you really caught the action!

  3. You created a excellent image.

  4. Very nice colors and moviment. And the title is the cherry on top…

  5. fantastisch, großes Kino!

  6. impressive capture

  7. It’s a fantastic idea (continuous shooting copied into each other) someday i will copy.
    Great result and work, with strong visual impact.

  8. Love this, busy bees

  9. Stunning image. The number of bees is astonishing. The bees and flowers are lovely against the light bg. You must have been lying on the ground to get this shot. (Thank you for having visited my photo blog.)

    • Thanks for your comment Antia. I put the camera on a tripod and used a remote control. Whenever a bee came near I shot a serie of about 6-10 pictures opened these in photoshop as layers and used masks to isolate the bees.

  10. Da ist aber was los bei Dir! Das schreit ja schon fast nach Bekämpfung. 😉

    LG, Gerd

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