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 werden in Venedig besonders dekorativ gefeiert. Hier eine Aufnahme von meinem Besuch 2011.

are celebrated especially  decorative in Venice. Here is a photograph from my visit 2011.



    Blende : ƒ/5.8|Verschlusszeit : 1/250s|Brennweite : 114mm|ISO : 400|
Nachtspaziergang ... | Night walk ...
Die Dämmerung ... | The dawn ...
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  4 Responses to “Die Tage der Verkleidung … | The days of disguise …”

  1. Beautiful portrait of the Venice Carnival

  2. That is beautiful. Such lovely colours.

  3. This is a gorgeous mask! However, the price tag wrecks the illusion of magical days in Venice.

  4. The city of Venice is the mother of the carnival.
    Their masks are true icons of beauty and elegance.

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