fruit shop

fruit shop
und vierneunundneunzig Yuan entspricht 0,36 €  und 0,60 € ich glaube pro Kilo.

and fourninetynine is about 0,30 GBP and 0,50 GBP I think per Kilo.



5 thoughts on “Zweineunundneunzig … | Twoninetynine …

  1. Reinhold, I am enjoying your travel series a lot! Love the inclusion of the salesman in your shot.

  2. Very nice juxtaposition, the play with shapes ad figures : i love how the size of the fruits is directly proportional to the prize !

  3. gorgeous! love the pop of pink colour!

  4. Was verdient ein Bauer daran?

  5. great series abput your trip! culourful and human!

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