_1070274in Brixen, Südtirol, Italien.

in Brixen, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy.

13 thoughts on “Gut behütet | well sheltered

  1. Super eingefangen. Der Bildaufbau ist klasse und die Farben schön warm.

  2. Die Gesichtsaudrücke sprechen für sich.
    vg Joachim

  3. Such an adorable image, love the helmet. They both look so serious. Excellent candid shot.

  4. Great composition, including the picture above them.

  5. This is adorable and a very moving portrait.

  6. Was für eine herrliche situation hast Du da erwischt.
    Klasse gemacht

  7. lol! funny witht he poster above

  8. Grossartig gesehen und festgehalten!

  9. i love their expression, very nice family photo!

  10. Love how their poses and expressions are practically the same. And the kidlet in the photo above adds more charm.

  11. well composed. good capture.

  12. I love it. Couldn't be any better!

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