Mrz 092009

20090303-11auf Frühling.

for spring.

    Blende : ƒ/6.3|Verschlusszeit : 1/250s|Brennweite : 18mm|ISO : 100|
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  18 Responses to “Trübe Aussicht | Blear hope”

  1. beautiful, this is an amazing composition.. stunning image!

  2. A very catching image with the washed out background and detail in the tree trunks. For some reason, this frame holds a nostalgic quality for us.

  3. Bonsoir,
    Nice composition and smoothness..Bravo!

  4. what a solitary mood

  5. echt trübe Aussicht … der Mann so alleine paßt auch sehr gut rein. Gefällt mir.

  6. Sieht nach November aus. Zum Glück kann sich das schnell ändern.

  7. Looks like the ‘master of your photo world’ is checking on the results of his doings. Great, though-provoking image!

  8. The washed out sky gives it a surreal appeal, like he's standing at some kind of fairy-castle

  9. Great processing, wonderful black and white photo!

  10. Nice framing and composition.

  11. It appears that the fog is so thick he wouldn't be able to see anything. Love the framing with the trees.

  12. The light and mist create the mood in this image. Excellent capture, great job framing this shot. The lone man enhances the mood and composition.

  13. That's a beautiful composition. I also like the overall soft feel to the image

  14. This is a beautiful composition!

  15. Nice one… Interesting composition!

  16. Wonderful image –

  17. The trees frame the lonely man in a good way. Is he looking into past?

  18. Wow, eines der ausdruckstärksten Bilder die ich in letzter Zeit gesehen habe! Wahnsinn!

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