Feb 052009


am Musée D´Art Moderne in Luxemburg – kurz Mudam genannt, ein Bau des chinesisch-amerikanischen Architekten Ieoh Ming Pei.

at the Musée D´Art Moderne in Luxemburg – in short Mudam, constructed by the chinese-american architect Ieoh Ming Pei.

    Blende : ƒ/8|Verschlusszeit : 1/500s|Brennweite : 86mm|ISO : 200|
Der Reiher ... | The heron ...
Einigung | Agreement
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  1. A fascinating capture of a beautiful piece of architecture!

  2. Splendid color. The light really shows the intricate design of this structure.

  3. wonderful backlit shot

  4. Das wirkt sehr gut. Tolle Aufnahme.

  5. Love the heavenly effect from this shot. Beautiful capture of this fascinating architecture.

  6. Nice capture!

  7. i like the contrast black/yellow, the soft yellow tones, and the juxtaposition of the sun is great!

  8. Awesome light

  9. Congratulations : the framing is perfect, and the backlight is such a nice idea. Cheers.

  10. Really nice. Love all the gold tones. The sun shining through the building makes this shot very unique.

  11. You just redesign it as a shrine to the Sun.So beautiful.

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