Jan 232009

_1102800nicht über Bourbon Street oder im siebten Haus sondern über Luxembourg.

not in the seventh house or over Bourbon street, just over Luxembourg.

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  13 Responses to “Der Mond | The moon”

  1. Ein interessanter Formenkontrast.

  2. Simple, nice and powerful. Nice composition. The rightmost lamp redundant.

  3. Fascinating minimalist capture. The full moon in the midst of the scaffold silhouettes is a nice eyecatcher.

  4. It's as if man's structure is the gateway to the mystical world… perhaps this is so often the case. A wonderful image to reflect upon.

  5. Der Bildausschnitt ist toll gewählt .. die Stimmung ist auch perfekt

  6. funky urban graphism! love the moon here

  7. Tolle Bildkomposition … nette Idee.

  8. Great composition, it's almost an abstract…I LIKE IT!

  9. Ah the moon – in my natal chart it is in the 2nd house (not good for finances) :} Great shot and wonderful color processing.

  10. wunderschöne komposition !! gute auge.

  11. Beautifully composed image.

  12. Simple and effective minimalism. I looooove !

  13. Good capture. i like the composition in this photo.

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