Jan 142009

_1112819mit Eis und Schiff.

with ice and ship.

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  11 Responses to “Mosel | Moselle River”

  1. Nice mono-color treatment. I can feel the warm sun rays.

  2. Wunderbare Gegenlichtaufnahme .. schöne Stimmung

  3. Nice, cold and serene. A fine one!

  4. Beautiful, tranquil landscape shot with a pleasant, dreamy quality.

  5. I like the composition and how the light reveals the roofs in the village. Is there also a cabin?

  6. Impresionante! Me encanta. Muy bien el color calido.

  7. Schöne Gegenlichaufnahme von einer liebenswerten Landschaft.

  8. Brrr! It looks like I can feel the coldness! Beautiful landscape and superb lighting!

  9. Nice moody photo. great composition too!

  10. Beautiful image!

  11. gorgeous light,
    very nice!

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