_B292021-2vormals Swissair am Boden.

formerly known as Swissair on ground.

20 thoughts on “Swiss

  1. Wonderful patterns and colors…Swiss Air…correct?

  2. Grossartiger Bildausschnitt und ausgesprochen interessante Dreifarbigkeit. Optisch sehr ansprechend!

  3. Muy original y muy bien vista.

  4. that well seen, original framed!

  5. Einfach klasse der Crop!!

  6. Tolle Farbkontraste. Und dazu das Motiv der Wiederholung – sehr schön.

  7. ah ah ah! excellent!: love it!

  8. Unglaublich 🙂 Wahnsinnsbild. Verkaufen 🙂

  9. Love the regular and irregular repetition. Wonderful image.

  10. Fantastic color!!! Love the differing sizes of the repetitive shapes and patterns.

  11. Wonderful vivid colors, and love the repetition, Great capture
    Have flown with them many time, I forgot there new name even though I flew them earlier this year

  12. Schöne Perspektive auf die Schweiz 😉

  13. 19 Seconds Of Spring

    Fantastic! Great composition…

  14. Very nice repetition. I like it

  15. ! outstanding. Spitzenmäßig, Reinhold!

  16. This is just perfect, really well spotted.I just love how important distance is to makes this work! Cool shot!

  17. This is fantastic!

  18. nice, cool dig it!
    great composition on this one man…

  19. Looks almost like an illustration. Nice composition.

  20. You can't be serious? How on earth did you do that? It's realñy good!

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