Sep 142008

_9140300sollte eigentlich heute am Tag des offenen Denkmals geöffnet sein, das dazugehörige Schloss Wetzhausen ist aber zu baufällig.

should be open today at the day of the open monument, but castle Wetzenhausen, whereto this door belongs, is too ramshackle.

Dahlien | Dahlias
Verlorener | Lost
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  1. Love the detail..the composition..the contrasting colors of the green grass.

  2. Also closed by the grass 🙂
    You nicely captured the mood of this place, a bit intriguing, and clearly strong.

  3. I love the tranquility to this shot. Nice composition.

  4. Like the symmetry in this shot. Great framing of this massive archway, love the design and details.

  5. Great Photo, love the untouched landscape look

  6. Looks like a door that's frozen in time. I'm sure it was very graceful at one time.

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