Aug 242008


heißt dieser Teil von Bamberg. Hier fand das Fischerstechen der 58. Sandkerwa statt. Sieger Markus Kropf aus Bamberg.

is this part of Bamberg called. Here happened the sea jousting as a part of the 58th Sandkerwa. Winner was Markus Kropf from Bamberg.

    Blende : ƒ/13|Verschlusszeit : 1/320s|Brennweite : 65mm|ISO : 400|
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  13 Responses to “Klein Venedig … | Little Venice …”

  1. Is the oterh boa going to run into the gondola?

  2. A beautiful waterway scene. I like all the people in this shot with the principal boat positioned just right. Nice shootting. Added to my VFXY collection.

  3. Hy Nick, thanks for your comment. Well it looks like but the white ship just left a minute before. The gondola skipper had to paddle qiute a bit to get back to the direction of the beholder which is upstream. Cheers, OS

  4. WOW! A beautiful image. Love the colors and tthe composition..and the slice of life you've captured. Excellent!

  5. Cool … haben die in Bamberg die gleichen Horrorpreise? 😉

  6. Sea Jousting? Ha that sounds like fun

  7. A good representation of a busy waterway on a lovely day.

  8. This cultural hotchpotch looks kind of surreal. Even so, a great capture!

  9. Stunning and beautiful picture. Love the boats and the fascinating buildings. Great job composing this image.

  10. Tolle Szene und wunderschöne Gegend.

  11. Tolle Szene, wobei es sicher auch etwas wackelig werden kann, im Kielwasser so eines Ausflugsdampfers 😉

  12. Bamberg ist eine Reise wert.

  13. Bamberg mit diesem schönen klein Venedig ist immer eine Reise wert. Schööön.

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