Aug 232008

nur ein infrarot mix. Ein Versuch die interschiedlichen Grüntöne zu verstärken. Tal in der Fränkischen Schweiz.

just a infrared mix. An effort to make the different green tones visible. Valley in the franconian switzerland.

Klein Venedig ... | Little Venice ...
Wo Rauch ist ... | Where there's smoke ...
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  10 Responses to “Kein HDR … | No HDR …”

  1. it looks like a painting i could hang in my living room.. nicely done… 😀

  2. Don't know what you did..but the layers of green really work. Very nice!

  3. Nice old postcard effect. Very nostalgic.

  4. It looks like an empty postcard. You should have brought a cow in the foreground !

  5. Love the leading lines in this one, and the hdr processing is not that bad even if it look a bit artificial.

  6. Nice greens

  7. Interessanter Effekt … sieht wie ein Gemälde aus.

  8. cool tones of all those greens.
    nice effect!

  9. The look is a bit artificial in my eyes, especially for such a forest scene!

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