Europa Kuh | European cow

Europa Kuh | European cowDuo vor dem Hotel de Ville.

duo in front of the hotel de ville.

4 thoughts on “Europäisches | European

  1. Not living in Europe it's hard to understand the meaning here…but it's interesting nevertheless.

  2. oldshutterhand

    Hy Jim, thanks for your comment. The european farmers try to get more money for the mild they are producing and to underline theyr asking they made a demonstration at the EU administration in Luxembourg. To make it more visual for the public they placed these painted cows in front of the city hall.
    I like your compass blog. Good pics and worth passing by,
    cheers OS

  3. The lion and the cow, a modern fable of our modern times!

  4. I like this composition a lot! i am great admirer of public art… and this is a great image.

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