Jun 192008

Ford Mustang Auto wurde der Ford Mustang damals genannt. Er kreierte immerhin die neue Kategorie der nach dem Pferd benannten Pony cars.

car was the Ford Mustang called in those days. Anyhow the new category of pony cars was named after that horse.

    Blende : ƒ/16|Verschlusszeit : 1/60s|Brennweite : 135mm|ISO : 400|
Russen | Russian
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  7 Responses to “Arme Leute | Poor man´s”

  1. Very cool shot:-)

  2. Das waren noch Autos mit Charakter … schöner crop

  3. Few cars are for a poor man, now.

  4. Great shot, excellent details and like the way you framed this one. Have to say, great automobile too.

  5. A classic car for sure. Nice shot

  6. very nice, i seek a ford mustang in Berlin with good background ;^), a amazing car.

  7. this is nice…i have a similar photo but its a mercedes…you should check it out

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