Autofenster | car window

Autofenster | car windowmit Brezelfenster, die Urversion des Erfolgsmodells.

with prezel window the primal version of the sucessfull model.

22 thoughts on “Käfer | Beetle

  1. Neat view. I like the color.

  2. Really love the way you've framed this.

  3. Sehr schöne Perspektive! Die Reflexion der Wolken passt wunderbar.

  4. This view neatly captures the spirit and character of the car . . our thoughts go well beyond engineering when we decide whether we love or hate a car !

  5. Marvelous. I have seen old VW bugs. Owned a '60 once. But I don't remember the double back window like this. Perfectly framed.

  6. Thinks it has that sad expression, because it knows all its old friends a slowly going away…

  7. Also da passt mal alles, ABSOLUT GENIAL!!!

  8. funny! it looks liek a cartoon character

  9. This just shows what a good eye for composition you have.

  10. Like that one can see so much inside the car and wonderfu color. Like the clouds too…

  11. original composed this cool looking through.

  12. Das waren noch Autos. 😉

  13. Toll von hinten durchs Fenster fotografiert.

  14. Der Brezelkäfer … ein Traum !

  15. Fantastic point of view on the inside!

  16. Das sieht ja klasse aus. Tolle Komposition.

  17. I wouldn't want Evie, my '74 Volkswagen to know this, but someday I hope to own an older Volkswagen. This is a beautiful car and so well captured.

  18. Perfectly composed. (And nice colour. Do they even make cars in that colour anymore?)

  19. Das war eines der Autos meiner frühen Kindheit. Aber nicht nur deswegen ist das Foto toll. Der Durchblick..

  20. Sehr schön! Gefällt mir sehr.

  21. Alejandra

    Fantastic shot!

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