Wasserschlossburg Brennhausen, erbaut vor mehr als 800 Jahren.
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castle Brennhausen built about over 800 years ago.

9 thoughts on “Wasser- | Moated

  1. Great building. Love the reflections.

  2. Beautiful shot. The reflection of the house is awesome.

  3. The spring colors are beautiful, the composition perfect. Wonderful work!

  4. Wunderschönes Foto, tolle Farben

  5. John Maslowski

    Excellent shot and beautiful composition. It's a perfect setting with a perfect reflection. Great job here.

  6. Tolles Wassergrundstück. Unsere Vorgänger hatten einen guten Geschmack.

  7. Very nice reflection.

  8. Thats a very good shot!

  9. greta reflection! pêace and tranquility

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