Feb 032008


at dawn. The lime trees were planted the same time the cross was set up.

Winter- | Winter
Kräftige ... | Strong ...
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  9 Responses to “Vorbeifahrt | Passing”

  1. Fantastic sky and tree image. Very Nice.

  2. wonderful silhouette and sunset. love the framing and the mood you captured.

  3. This is a great silhouette shot, the sunset is absolutely stunning. Great composition and image.

  4. great silhouette!

  5. Very nice composition with the cross between the trees and stunning colors!

  6. Stimmige Aufnahme. Gefällt mir sehr gut.

  7. Very perfect.One great silhouette….even the cross framed between the trees.

  8. great capture of teh light, the tree and car backlit just freat

  9. Traumhaft, schöne Färbung des Himmels. Die Baumsilhouette im Vordergrund tut ihr übriges.

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