Jan 212008

sunset… analog SW aufgenommen und koloriert.


Hamburger ...| Hamburg ...
Der Tulpe | The tulip
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  14 Responses to “Zwei Eichen …”

  1. Great light and lines.

  2. It's beautiful.

  3. beautiful moody shot! love whta you ve done here

  4. Awesome tones

  5. Incredible image.

  6. This has worked out very well and becomes convincing as a color image.

  7. wow awesome! great treatment of light.

  8. Romatik pur im Mondschein?.

  9. Tolle Atmosphäre in Blauer Stunde!

  10. I see that you like symmetry. Toning is very attractive.

  11. I love these simple and understated shots.

  12. what a so fine winter pics !!I lke it !!

  13. I'm gonna add you to my "Masters of Photography list"…. should be making a living out of this!

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