Landschaft mit Sonne
Landschaft mit Sonne

… analog SW aufgenommen und koloriert.

14 thoughts on “Zwei Eichen …

  1. Great light and lines.

  2. beautiful moody shot! love whta you ve done here

  3. Awesome tones

  4. This has worked out very well and becomes convincing as a color image.

  5. wow awesome! great treatment of light.

  6. Romatik pur im Mondschein?.

  7. Tolle Atmosphäre in Blauer Stunde!

  8. I see that you like symmetry. Toning is very attractive.

  9. I love these simple and understated shots.

  10. what a so fine winter pics !!I lke it !!

  11. I'm gonna add you to my "Masters of Photography list"…. should be making a living out of this!

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