sun and forest

sun and forestdurchbricht den Wald.

breaks through the forest.

10 thoughts on “Wintersonne 2 | Winter sun 2

  1. Great light. Love it.

  2. Now, I do like this one because I know how difficult it is to get this luminance range ‘experience’ into an image. You did well here.

  3. Untouched woods are an amazing thing to behold. We have fewer and fewer places to see them for real. Lovely image.

  4. Glühender Wald. Surreal und phantastisch. Mag ich sehr!

  5. Fantastic shot – I want to frame this shot..

  6. Fantastisch diese Lichtstimmung.

  7. Tones & light well handled here. Nice shot!

  8. Schöne Hell/Dunkel-Kontraste.

  9. Beautiful, would make a nice large print.

  10. I love the layering of tones, silhouettes and beautiful warm glow

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