9 thoughts on “für Alle | for everyone

  1. Great. Happy New Year.

  2. What a brilliant display. Happy New Year.

  3. Alles Gute für 2008!

  4. Have a Great 2008 !

  5. Great fireworks shot. Perfect setting.

  6. Klaus Karger

    Hallo Reinhold, das ist ja unglaublich perfekt!
    Beste Grüße Klaus

  7. Das Feuerwerk ist echt gelungen.
    Frohes neues Jahr wünsche ich dir.

  8. Beautiful shot, happy new year to you.

  9. A little late, but better late than never..
    happy New year to you – hope you have a picture perfect 2008. Stay in touch. Oh, by the way – great shot – very clean and perfectly exposed!

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