Wald | forest

Wald | forestwald. Kleine Unterbrechung der Chinakollektion. Nach dem Nebel war gestern die Sonne zu sehen. Sehr erquicklich.

and the rainforest. A short break from the chinacollection. After the fog yesterday the sun came out. Quite refreshing.

7 thoughts on “Nebel | Fog

  1. Breathtaking . . a feeling of total stillness and quiet.

  2. Just stunning. I agree. It is breathtaking.

  3. eine ganz tolle aufnahme – sehr stimmungsvoll. top!

  4. exquisite. looks more like a painting than photo.

  5. Tolle Aufnahme. Fantastische Licht- und Farbstimmung.

  6. This is one of my favorite woods, fog, and light pictures ever. It's soooo perfect!

  7. Beautiful, quite enchanting.

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