Nov 112007

Chinese girlnicht nötig aber schön.

not necessary but nice.

    Blende : ƒ/8|Verschlusszeit : 1/100s|Brennweite : 154mm|ISO : 200|
Kopfschmuck | Headdecoration
Grosse | Great
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  5 Responses to “Kopfschmuck | Headdecoration”

  1. What a great title for the image! This child looks sad or you pointing camera has caused some concern.

  2. ja, wirklich schön! Ein Farbfleck in der tristen Jahreszeit

  3. I love the girl's expression and trepidation. Would like to know more about why she's wearing the lovely and colorful headdress. Also, whereas 'schmuck' is common vocabulary around here, part of everyday English, it seems, I've always known it to be derogatory, Yiddish for 'dickhead' or 'prick.' I never knew it came from German and meant decoration.

  4. Fantastic shot! very nice expression caught … the title goes perfect!

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