Okt 172007

clouds and sky

Skyline ...
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  11 Responses to “Herbstlicht | Autumnlight”

  1. marvellously dramatic sky – i love the composition too. tremendous.

  2. der arme kleine Baum auf so einem großen Feld – hübsche Szene

  3. Love the single tree and sun beams. Fantastic.

  4. Very drmatic..amazing shot.

  5. Wirkt minimalistisch gut.

  6. Oh, my goodness, what a splendid display of nature. It's as if it's speaking to those trees. Just beautiful.

  7. Very nice sky and light !
    Incredible !

  8. Fantastic scene!

  9. Tolles Bild! Stimmungsvoll und doch auch grafisch.

  10. Love the composition and dramatic light beams.

  11. Very nice.

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