harmonica player

harmonica playerdarbietung auf historischem Instrument, notgedrungenerweise in Prag am letzten Freitag.

performance on a historical instrument, enforcedly in Prague last Friday.

6 thoughts on “Musik- | Music

  1. Now, that accordion case has seen some miles . . somehow, it just had to be raining for this one!

  2. cool street shot! only miss the music here

  3. Gutes Streetfoto. Der Musiker und die vorbeieilenden Menschen sagt einiges.

  4. sehr schön gesehen – feine street photography.

  5. I would have loved to have heard the music. At that age he's probably quite accomplished. Your image is wonderful.

  6. I love these street shots of yours! Great tones (exceuse the pun).

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