Sep 292007

reading couplePrag. Regen und Touristen gab`s genug während meines Aufenthaltes die letzten drei Tage dort.

Prague. The place had rain and tourists enough during my stay the last three days.

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  1. Nice moment.

  2. oh sucha lovely old couple moment indeed !

  3. I love the sense of simple sharing that you’ve caught here . . sharing is good!

  4. A fine street scene shot. I like the red glow of the umbrella on their faces. Fine expressions and rapt attention caught in this shot.

  5. lovely moment together, well seen and captured.

  6. Sehr schöne Szene. Genau im richtigen Moment auf den Auslöser gedrückt.

  7. Hier kann man seine Studien treiben. Feines Foto.

  8. I was guessing they were tourists. The flowers in the background are just beautiful. I'd love a garden full of them.

  9. ich hab prag schon an der bank erkannt!

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