Luzern 2007

11 thoughts on “Verbunden …

  1. This is a great street candid. I like the guy on the phone, totally oblivious to the romance going on under his nose.

  2. The pastel colors in this image are amazing. It seems so odd that the woman appears oblivious of the couple.

  3. Brilliant candid street shot in a beautiful location.

  4. A fine street scene with lots to see. I like how these subjects happen to be spaced up and down the street. Fine detail and excellent, very natural feeling color.

  5. very nice street shot. i love candids like this. perfect timing.

  6. riesenriel

    Great streetscene and the different connections. Well seen.

  7. cooler titel für ein klasse foto! eine richtige kleine geschichte ist das geworden!

  8. American Grey l frames

    Such an engaging image . . I can sense the caller’s voice echoing in that quiet space and how it is all lost on that couple a few doors down . . perfect!

  9. Toll gesehen und festgehalten. Sehr schöne Bildaufteilung und Farbstimmung.

  10. Street candids are my fav. This is a top shot. Never mind the content of the image on top of it's a candid shot. Very very nice.

  11. Der Titel passt gut. Eine gelungene Aufnahme.

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