Sep 182007

street painterbeim Überqueren des St. Bernhard Passes von Jacques-Louis David als Vorlage.

crossing the St. Bernard Pass by Jacques-Louis David as a template.

    Blende : ƒ/22|Verschlusszeit : 1/50s|Brennweite : 38mm|ISO : 200|
Weg | Way
Musiker | Musician
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  7 Responses to “Napoleon”

  1. la beauté de l'éphémère

  2. Nice textures and details. Nice moment.

  3. we just had a chalk art festival in cleveland – which was a celebration of sidewalk 'art' nice coinicidence with your post….and coincidentally put up a slide show my blog maybe you'd be interested.

  4. What a beautiful image. The colors and light were just right for this one. Very nice.

  5. I like the over-the-shoulder style to this and that we cannot rerally see the artwork . .

  6. nice! the artist at work

  7. Interesting framing of the artist at work, well done.

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