9/11 war 1982 noch ein ahnungsloses Datum. Vor 25 Jahren aufgenommen mit Olympus OM2 2,8 28mm auf Kodak Ektachrome 64.

9/11 was 1982 an innocent date. Image taken 25 years ago with an Olympus OM2 2,8 28mm on Kodak Ektachrome 64.

9 thoughts on “WTC

  1. Nice strong lines.

  2. Am I understanding this correctly…this is a photo you took of the World Trade Center in 1982? Splendid image.

  3. o l d s h u t t e r h a n d

    Hy sherry,
    that´s right. I took the photo on my first visit to NYC during a concert tour through the USA. We travelled through the whole country and I was fascinated. In those days one had access to the top of the WTC like to any other building. Nine years later there were more checkings after that first bomb assault.

  4. Very powerful image. Fitting for this date.

  5. American Grey l frames

    A very appropriate reminder of different times . . and an amazing take on the viewpoint, too. Thanks for sharing this one at this time.

  6. impressive! what a perspective

  7. grossartiges foto, wer hätte gedacht das es heute mit so einer tragödie in verbindung gebracht werden würde… schlimm, schlimm.

  8. Der Blick ist faszinierend.

  9. Marc [Troisieme Oeil]

    Wow ! First word coming out of my mouth when the picture apeared. I don't know the place so it does look more like abstract to me rather than what it is originally. But great compo!

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