… unter dem Dach des Festspielhauses Luzern.


10 thoughts on “Fontaine …

  1. Karlheinz Busch

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  2. Karlheinz Busch

    Gratuliere zu diesem beeindruckenden´Foto. Minimalart und doch sehr ausdrucksstark.Gruß Karlheinz

  3. tolle abstraktion – hervorragend gewählter bildausschnitt!

  4. Very nice. Great balance of tones

  5. If it were not for the ‘angry’ water, this would be soooooo Zen! Love the impact of this.

  6. Simple yet effective. Beautiful.

  7. Toll gesehen. Sehr grafisch.

  8. I really like this shot for it's simplicity. Very effective. I discovered your blog from a comment you left on another. I just spent the last half hour exploring your wonderful photography and enjoyed every minute.

  9. Great great simple abstract.

  10. Marc [Troisieme Oeil]

    Love it!

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