Aug 162007

hugging couplemuß zusammenwachsen.

has to coalesce.

Fliegende Enten ... | Flying ducks ...
Die Opfer ... | The victims ...
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  12 Responses to “Was zusammen gehört … | What belongs together …”

  1. A fine reflection shot although I don't think the couple is thinking about the view! 🙂 Very appealing image, nicely composed!

  2. I love shots like this…and this is excellent for the candid capture and also for the beautiful reflection. Love it.

  3. I know the couple should be the focal point, but I like that colorful reflection.

  4. L'amour donne des reflets à la vie !

  5. wunderbar romantisch!

  6. 😉 super titel!

  7. Love in cold world!! Always winner!

  8. Modern love. Love the reflection also.

  9. nicely caught

  10. a lovely candid moment…

  11. Nice moment!!

  12. sweet lovers pic 😉

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