Moskau Kanal
Moskau Kanal

.. am Gribojedowkanal in St.Petersburg

8 thoughts on “Feierabend …

  1. Ha. Beer, sunshine and men watching woman…great summer shot.

  2. Some things are the same the world over . . very neat candid streetshot here.

  3. We call this "Hanging out".

  4. Die haben vergessen das Warnschild aufzustellen: "Men at Work"

  5. auweh – abgeklemmtes bein. kann nicht wirklich gemütlich sein… 😉

  6. SUPERB SHOT!!!! i agree with david…men, beer and being men … classic.

  7. What a natural setting and the brown tones are beautiful. The woman is very classy.

  8. Wow! Nice street scene!

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