Jul 192007

sunset at the beachdiese Mengen von Müll. Einen echten Russen kann sowas aber nicht erschüttern, gebadet wird trotzdem. Für den Notfall gibt es Pflaster.

these masses of trash. But real Russians don´t bother, they go swimming anyway. In case of emergency band-aid will help.

Entspannung | Relaxation
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  8 Responses to “Unglaublich | unbeleavable”

  1. What a brilliantly colored sky. I like the people standing in the photo.

  2. Great sky, but you are correct, the beach looks very trashy.

  3. A very appealing beach scene. I like the composition you created with the individuals the focal point rather than the sun.
    Very nice shot.

  4. I agree with Don, excellent composition and wonderful sky. Well done!

  5. I really like how you composed this picture; it looks very romantic at first glance until one discovers the filthy beach and the cranes at the horizon. Nice work.

  6. Amazing 'lovers' shot, too cool!

  7. I am impressed by this colors of the sky. I love silhouettes too. Great composition!!

  8. Der starke inhaltliche Kontrast zwischen Romantik und Umweltverschmutzung verleiht dem Bild besondere Aussagekraft. Ein gelungener Beitrag.

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