Jul 112007

two girls on a benchbeim Pausieren.

at to pause.

    Blende : ƒ/7.1|Verschlusszeit : 1/250s|Brennweite : 180mm|ISO : 100|
Kapitän und Schiff | Captain and ship
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  8 Responses to “Zarengarde | Czar guard”

  1. Musical or military? And why are they checking out their feet?

  2. May be after a hard day of entertainment they feel tired and need a foot massage 🙂

    Beautiful capture

  3. Wieder so eine witzige Bank-Szene. Prima erwischt!

  4. A fine, uposed shot of these suffering individuals. The repeated position of the legs makes the shot extra eye-catching. Nice one.

  5. A very nice shot. Made me smile, This army won't get far with those shoes.

  6. Hi
    Great funny shot.

  7. This is brilliant 🙂

  8. Absolut cool.. zeigt her eure Füße .. klasse eingefangen!

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