Jun 192007

river Wiesent

der Fränkischen Schweiz. Die Wiesent ist einer der besten Forellenflüsse Deutschlands.

of the franconian switzerland. The river Wiesent is one of the best trout rivers in Germany.

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Landschaft ... | Landscape ...
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  6 Responses to “Flußlandschaft … | River landscape …”

  1. What a beautiful scene. I thought it was a stream instead of a river and was surprised it has trout in it. Lovely.

  2. This is a place I'd love to visit. Just walk without shoes, and enjoy my life.Great shot!

  3. tranquil scene.very beautiful capture … lovely composition.

  4. A very peaceful image . . I like that you have presented the scene ‘as seen’ and retained the natural feel to this. Love it.

  5. Looks like there could be some good fishing here. Wonderful scenic.

  6. Beautiful shot. Looks like a great place to be sitting today instead of my cube.

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