Mai 062007

in the parkim Schlosspark.

in the castle park.

Gursky Ausstellung | Gursky exhibition
Militär | military
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  5 Responses to “Frühling | springtime”

  1. Ah, love springs eternal…and in the park. I like the juxtaposition of the elderly, bundled up person who only has a dog to love her, as contrasted with the blossoming love of two individuals. Fine image.

  2. Parks are fun. They are different things to different people. Nice shot.

  3. Perfect springtime shot- "love is in the air"!!!

    Fabtastic shot. very very nice.

  4. contrairement à ce qu'on dit, la femme est plus affectueuse que le chien! 😉

  5. lol! very tragic somehow 😉

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